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Monday 27, March 2023

One of the objectives of the Walk for Life Foundation is to make life easier for patients and reduce the effects caused by the intervention and treatment of breast cancer

With the Goodbag Project, the Foundation provides free bags to transport drainage comfortably and safely. The “Goodbags” are made with fabrics of varied and attractive designs, which decreases the impact of carrying drains for the patient, and they also have handles that facilitate transport and prevent the drain from suffering and causing damage.

One of the possible effects of an intervention is lymphedema, an accumulation of fluid in the soft tissues of the patients´arms. With the LINFA Project, the Walk for Life Foundation subsidizes a part of the cost of the lymphatic sleeves for compression therapy and which help reduce inflammation and pain that affect their quality of life and their autonomy.

In addition to Goodbags and lymphatic sleeves, the Foundation offers free scarves to cover hair loss and therapeutic post mastectomy bras. People with breast cancer who require any of these aids can contact the Foundation calling 646 96 18 95, email info@carreraporlavida.org, or pop by our Pink Room on Wednesdays, which is located on Calle Beneharo s/n, in Adeje, Tenerife.