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miércoles 21, febrero 2024

Discover How to Boost Your Vital Energy

How many times do we wake up tired, with a lack of energy?

Sometimes throughout the day, we feel like we are exhausted and that the only thing that makes us feel good is snacking on sugary foods or taking refuge in social media.

In this workshop we will discuss healthy habits focused on increasing your vital energy and learning different strategies that we can incorporate progressively, to feel full of LIFE.
We will talk about functional foods, strength exercise, Nordic Walking, conscious breathing, contact with nature, meditation, sunbathing, exposure to hot and cold, and healthy aging.

The attending public will be able to taste a healthy preparation that will give them a lot of energy to feel full of life.

Aimed especially for women over the age of 40 – Register soon as we have limited seating.

Margarita Hernandez |  Technician in Environmental Health Trainer in Healthy Habits

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