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We are Back: Together Always

The Walk for Life returns to the streets on 11st December 2022 With the slogan "Together ALWAYS", we are pleased to announce that the Walk for...

Wednesday 3, August 2022

 The Pink Room: our headquarters

Donated in 2015 by the Adeje City Council, the Pink Room is the headquarters of the Walk for Life Foundation as well as a meeting place for...

Monday 11, July 2022

Tenerife Perla, a committed company

Tenerife Perla has provided Carrera por la Vida Foundation with sustained and unconditional support for nine years in the fight against breast...

Wednesday 29, June 2022

Talk on breast reconstruction

After breast cancer surgery you can begin to explore the possibilities of breast reconstruction In order to help you with any questions or doubts...

Monday 6, June 2022

Solidarity areolas

Following breast cancer surgery and medical assessment, some patients choose to have their nipple and dark area, also known as areola, reconstructed...

Monday 23, May 2022

Cardboard containers

CARDBOARD CONTAINERS FOR COLLECTING PAPER International Paper is one of the world's leading producers of fiber and pulp packaging, with more than...

Tuesday 15, March 2022