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Monday 25, May 2020


From CARADURA, a 100% Canarian company dedicated to the manufacture of masks, the company collaborates with a certified, hygienic, solidarity mask.

The mask is manufactured and designed in the Canary Islands and by purchasing any mask, you will be collaborating with the Canary Foundation Career for Life | Walk For Life.
They send you the mask in 48 hours.

The masks meet the requirements of breathability and bacterial filtration effect of the Ministry of Health.

+ BLOOD BARRIER PROTECTION: 25 Washes without losing properties. + BREATHABILITY: The use of fluorocarbon-based compounds gives breathability to the fabrics treated in them. + ANTIBACTERIAL EFFECT: Bacterisides. Permanent microbial agent. Static, does not migrate. + But don’t forget that: It is not an Individual Protective Equipment (PPE) or a Medical Device (PS), and it is not designed to replace these.


+ Double layer assembled in 92% polyester, 8% elastometer, 280 gr./m2 water-repellent and antibacterial. + Rubber for fastening.


+ It is recommended to wash the mask at a temperature between 60º and 90º with neutral soap. + Products that can degrade or damage the materials and that diminish their protective capacity must not be used. + It is recommended to let the mask dry completely. + Do not tumble dry. + Both during drying and in the subsequent storage of the mask, environments in which the mask may become contaminated should be avoided.