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Tuesday 1, October 2019

Hard Rock Hotel will hold a Fun Day and will allocate the entire funds to the Carrera por la Vida Foundation

The City Council of Adeje has been collaborating with the foundation for 15 years, not only with the race for life, but with outreach spaces such as the Sala Rosa

The funds raise of the Hard Rock Fun Day solidarity event will be fully allocated to the Carrera por la Vida Foundation, as announced today in a press conference by the Coordinator and Marketing Director of Hard Rock Hotel, Beatriz Soliva and Bruno Bedda, together to the president of the Foundation, Brigitte Gypen and the Councilor for Health Protection, Amada Trujillo Bencomo. The meeting with the media has also been attended by representatives of Next Sport Club El Galeón and Be Movement Personal & Group Training, collaborating companies of the solidarity event that will take place on October 19, International Day Against Breast Cancer, since 10:00 a.m Tomorrow until 5:30 p.m.

Hard Rock Fun Day will be an open day with the programming of different outdoor activities, with a healthy life approach, combining fun, music and sport with solidarity. According to Beatriz Soliva, “we are looking for an event that combines all kinds of audiences. That is why we think about developing the activities at the lake at Hard Rock Hotel with activities for children, music and sports activities for families. It has been a pleasure for us to have the Carrera por la Vida Foundation, we are facing people who are fighters and champions and we want to contribute our grain of sand ”. The collaboration will go beyond that day since the Hard Rock Hotel baker has created a pink dessert for the occasion and a percentage of the sale of any cake during the month of October will go to the Foundation.

The Councilor for Health Protection has explained that the City Council’s collaboration with the Carrera por la Vida Foundation “is already 15 years old, we have always been involved and every year we get the engines to develop the Race in December. But the relationship goes much further, because throughout the year we give them the space for the Pink Room, where they can attend women with breast cancer, give them support and help them through projects such as the mastectomized bra.

For his part, Bruno Bedda has delved into explaining the solidarity philosophy of the company, highlighting that Pinktober is an international initiative where the whole company is dyed pink, including its logos “every year it seeks to collaborate with a different association”. In addition, he explained that solidarity actions are carried out throughout the year through the Hard Rock Heals program that collaborates with different solidarity associations.

Finally, the president of Carrera por la Vida has expressed her gratitude for organizing this event “this is a gift for the Foundation because they give us the opportunity to reach many people to explain in person what we do. It will be great, we like it a lot because it is for families and when someone touches a cancer, it is up to the whole family. Visibility is very important, we still have to reach a lot of people. ” During the Open Day, the Foundation will also enable a stand in the area to provide information and raise funds through the sale of merchandising. Next Sport and Be Movement will be responsible for developing the sports activities of that day.

Tickets are on sale through Mambo Ticket and TomaTicket that also collaborate in solidarity with the event. The price of tickets is 4 euros for those under 18 and 7 euros for adults.


As a reminder of the commitment of the entire society in the fight against breast cancer, October 19 marks the World Day against this disease. Joining this cause, Hard Rock International launched PINKTOBER 20 years ago with the objective of raising funds to raise awareness and research on breast cancer.