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Thursday 26, October 2023

The Canarian Foundation Carrera por la Vida – Walk for Life is holding its first gala to celebrate 18 years of raising awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer and responding to the needs and requirements of those affected by the disease.

The ceremony will present the first edition of the Carrera por la Vida Foundation Awards. In the 2023 edition, the Foundation will acknowledge the support of institutions, companies, collectives, and individuals who have made possible the implementation of the projects developed by the Foundation, who have demonstrated social responsibility, and who firmly believe that the well-being of people with breast cancer is a duty for all of us.

In recognition of the awareness-raising work through the media, the 2023 Carrera for Life Foundation Award for Media has been granted to Juan Carlos Mateu for his professional and personal commitment from the editorial board of Diario de Avisos. Over the last 18 years, his numerous articles have served as a platform for the challenges of the Foundation and the needs of people with breast cancer.

From the Foundation’s earliest days, FONTEIDE has shown its support, a commitment that has been maintained for the last 18 years, becoming the Foundation’s longest and most stable sponsor. FONTEIDE exemplary corporate responsibility has been recognized with the Carrera por la Vida 2023 Foundation Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

Supporting research groups has been and remains a fundamental part of Carrera por la Vida’s objectives. In recognition of these efforts, the Fundación Carrera por la Vida 2023 Award for Research has been presented to Dr Javier Cortés Castán for his significant contributions to the understanding and improvement of treatments for women’s cancers. Dr Cortés Castán has been instrumental in promoting and leading the Fundación Contigo as an active and committed forum for clinical and translational research.

In the inaugural Awards, the Carrera por la Vida Foundation deemed it imperative to acknowledge the social dedication of the public and the Adeje and Arona Town Councils, who have illustrated their empathy over these past 18 years and exemplified social accountability, communal obligation, and institutional involvement. As such, they are deserving recipients of the Carrera por la Vida 2023 Foundation Award for Social Responsibility.

In addition to the awards ceremony, the Foundation’s calendar for 2024 will be presented at the Gala. Under the theme “Love for Life”, it brings together twelve inspiring stories in which the love of partners, family, colleagues, medical staff and friends has played a key role in treating and overcoming breast cancer.

The Carrera por la Vida Foundation Awards Gala will take place on Thursday 2 November at 8 pm at the Municipal Auditorium of Adeje.