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viernes 22, octubre 2021

Be Platano & Go company from Los Llanos de Aridane colaborates with Carrera por la Vida to help people with breast cancer.

The emergency that occurred in La Palma Island, due to the volcanic eruption, has not stopped Be Platano & Go company and Carrera por la Vida – Walk for Life Canarian Foundation to join forces to turn World Breast Cancer Day into direct support to affected people. The company Be Platano & Go (based in Los Llanos de Aridane) has offered its space PRUNUS, a service that has opened its doors amid the volcanic crisis and which, among other commitments, will provide room to different activities addressed to improve health and mental health, vital at this time.

The Carrera por la Vida Foundation works in the Canary Islands to raise awareness of the importance of breast cancer early detection, and also, to meet the needs and demands of those affected and their relatives. Among the projects they carry out, the BRA Project allows giving a free personalised therapeutic bra to people who have undergone mastectomy. Despite the volcano, the detection and surgical treatment of breast cancer has not stopped. The AECC delegation of La Palma has communicated to Carrera por la Vida the need for these bras of several women who have continued their oncological process. The PRUNUS team themselves and their space was offered to Carrera por la Vida to support their travel to La Palma and bras delivery under really special conditions. In this regard, Hermi Tacoronte, the project manager said, “this is not just another trip, but a sign that the women and men of La Palma with breast cancer are not alone and they can count on Carrera por la Vida more than ever”. The design, material and features of these bras make them an invaluable recovery aid and fantastic therapeutic support to facilitate daily life for women and men with breast cancer, such as getting dressed, temporarily hindered by breast surgery.

For Miriam Cruz, president of Be Platano & Go and director of PRUNUS, “our space and our Company is committed and supportive with the situation caused by the volcano, and we encourage those initiatives that help us to improve the lives of people who need it”. Amid a complicated reality for the island, joining together corporate responsibility and solidarity enabled patients to receive their therapeutic bras on World Breast Cancer Day with the support of the AECC, the staff and volunteers of Carrera por la Vida and the PRUNUS team.