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Monday 16, July 2018

Emotional and thankful reception to CEIP Barranco de Las Torres at the Pink Room

Last June 21st was a great day: not only cause it was my birthday but because we received at Pink Room a group of students from CEIP Barranco de Las Torres Adeje college together with some of the parents and teacher. We had the chance to speak to the kids about the importance of voluntary work, breast cancer & early detection, the BRA project and much more as the visit turned out into a real question and answer moment.

The experience for me was even greater as they asked me to explain my personal experience with cancer, and to my surprise the questions asked were not about why I don’t have any hair, but about how to go about helping those affected, what to do to help motivate patients not to give up etc. Amazing to hear from such young kids.
I am very grateful to the students of CEIP Barranco de las Torres Adeje for visiting us and share this special afternoon, as it is tremendously important that from an early age their is awareness and consciousness regarding the illness and towards those who suffer it. Having positive values like equality, respect as well as responsibility and gratitude from an early age is most important.

And exactly gratitude is what we have from the Foundation Walk for Life, as these girls and boys with their Teacher Sergio, communicated us that with their performance in the musical The Lion King, they raised 1830€ for charity which was donated to Walk for Life. We are very proud that these children with ages between 12 and 14 years old, have been working so hard on their charity project to help people in need. So I can only say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you as you are the future!

Signed: Hermi