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Tuesday 12, January 2021

1 in every 8 women will suffer breast cancer

According to the cancer observation unit of the AECC, the Spanish Association against Cancer, 1506 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in the Canary Islands in 2018,  which is an increase over the numbers for 2017.

Breast cancer affects mainly women,  although there are also cases of men who will suffer breast cancer,  but the numbers are less.  In Tenerife every year over 300 women will undergo a mastectomy as a result of breast cancer.  These women are of any age or background.  And the worrying part is that the incidence of this illness in young women, is growing rapidly and annually.

To ensure a rapid recovery after such a invasive procedure as is a mastectomy, one of the important elements to take into consideration is the use of a special bra following the operation, a bra that is the right size for each patient, a bra that is made from a particular material and not abrasive, with closure in front, comfortable and adaptable to suit every patient.

These special bras are essential for those ladies who have been affected by mastectomy after breast cancer,  but unfortunately they are quite expensive items and not everyone can afford to buy them.   In fact many women who have overcome breast cancer donated their bras to other women, demonstrating a kind of solidarity that is common in these situations.  These donations were  made possible through the AECC, the Spanish Cancer Association.  This organisation has been helping people for many years and pass on these second hand bras to those who need them.

Even though this lovely gesture can continue to be an alternative,  the Foundation Walk for Life started the BRA Project precisely to help every woman after a mastectomy,  to have a brand new bra to improve their quality of life.  The initiative of the BRA Project was born following the many testimonies of women who use the facilities of The Pink Room, and we wanted to help them.

Walk for Life Foundation Carrera por la Vida will gift a post-mastectomy bra (with a separate base for a prosthetic breast) to every woman affected.  This will be a new bra specific for each woman, to her measurements, as we firmly believe that any woman who has had to undergo such a massive invasive operation, has the right to receive in a dignified manner, a new undergarment fitted to her needs and improve her quality of life.

This action is undertaken in conjunction with AECC, medical centres and hospitals, councils, to guarantee the highest quality and efficiency.

An informative flyer is being prepared which will be on display in all the above-mentioned centres to reach every woman affected in Tenerife – whether she is a member of any of the local cancer associations or not – and let her know she can count on the Foundation and request her first therapeutic bra cost-free.


How will we do this?

An information flyer is available in all relevant zones and medical centres for the public.   Patients or family members simply need to contact the Carrera por la Vida-Walk for Life Foundation and request her therapeutic post-op bra.

BRA Project has already been delivered to the main hospitals, and will go to medical centres, as the local cancer associations, etc.  What we wish to achieve is to ensure that the correct information reaches everyone who might need it. All info is also available via social networks and can be found also on our webpage  www.carreraporlavida.org, etc.  This way we hope to ensure that every woman has direct access to a product that will benefit a speedy recovery and improve her quality of life after the operation.

Every case will of course be treated with the maximum discretion and all dealings with individuals come under the law governing the protection of data.

How can you help us?

Solidarity is one of the fundamental pillars of the Carrera por la Vida-Walk for Life Foundation.  To make the BRA project a reality we will need funding to enable the acquisition of these new post-mastectomy bras.  Fortunately the Foundation can depend on a number of donations from various sponsors, but we are always happy to accept more voluntary (and anonymous if so desired) donations.  The more funds we receive, the more people we can help.   We would also like to point out that any monies given to the Foundation are used strictly and only in the fight against cancer and legally declared to the state as per the Foundation Laws.  In the same way donations can also be treated as tax deductions.


Walk for Life is a solidarity initiative with the goal on one hand, to raise awareness about the vital importance of early detection in breast cancer, and on the other hand to help with the needs of those affected by breast cancer and their families.

This pink movement started has more than 15 years ago,  raising awareness and funds which were given to relevant cancer associations, cancer research and investigations to improve the quality of life of those affected by this illness as ways to improve their recovery, both physical and psychological in the shortest time possible.

What started over 15 years ago as a one-off solidarity walk in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has grown over the years and now the biggest solidarity event on the island with almost 5,000 people taking part the last few years.

On 2017 the pink movement became a Foundation, enabling us to work better and more efficient with the cancer associations, and helping those affected and their families.  There must also be more investigation on cancer, absolutely essential as todays research is the medicine of tomorrow, and that is the main reason most part of our funds go towards cancer research projects such as liquid biopsy (a new technology which is faster and less invasive for the analysis of tumor mutations), now a reality in treating some forms of cancer.  Or research project on immunotherapy for breast cancer etc.

As a Foundation, Walk for Life – Carrera por la Vida can do more, contribute more to cancer investigation,  thus help more people.

To make all of this happen we need your help.  “WE REALLY NEED YOU”.

The people behind the Carrera por la Vida-Walk for Life Foundation look forward to hear from you!

Contact: info(arroba)carreraporlavida.org

Tfno:  629111856 / 646961895

Each contact will be treated with total discretion and all dealings according the current Data Protection Law.

May 2021