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jueves 27, junio 2019

Conference by Dr. Rubén Ventura Fero Foundation “What is cancer?”

Each year thanks to your kind donations at the yearly Walk for Life and other WFL events, the Walk for Life Foundation can support important cancer research programs such as the investigations on liquid biopsy and immunotherapy at the VHIO Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology Center in Barcelona.  Dr Ruben Ventura of FERO Foundation will come to Tenerife next Thursday June 27th to talk about these investigation programs etc, because we believe that having the right information is vital for everyone.


Note:  Inform you that the talk will be in Spanish, but there will be a coffee break after for everyone attending, and Dr Ventura will be at your disposal for any questions in English you might have – coffee break kindly offered by Project Maridaje.

Date: June 27 | 7:00 pm | Costa Adeje Tourist Development Center CDTCA